Latest: Twitter Users Reveal Tricks To Get Perfect Pics

Latest: Twitter Users Reveal Tricks To Get Perfect Pics

The setup vs the shot: Not everything you see on Instagram is true.

Scrolling through social media can be a visual treat. Photo-sharing platform Instagram teems with aesthetic shots of everything from books to fashion models to house plants. Pinterest is the hub of breathtaking virtual pin boards while Twitter, too, has a sizeable community of photographers and photography enthusiasts. The abundance of picture-perfect shots on the Internet might make you wonder about the tricks that photographers employ to make their images look so good – and the latest trend on Twitter aims to answer just that.

“The setup vs the shot” is a Twitter trend where users of the microblogging platform reveal the secrets and the tricks behind their beautiful photographs. While everything looks good on the Internet, the reality behind these gorgeous pictures that flood our feeds may not be as glamorous. So if you have ever wanted to up your Instagram game, want photography pointers or simply wish to laugh at the wide gap between the setup and the final result, take a look at these tweets. 

Take a look at the setup vs the shot trend to see the amount of work that goes into getting the best pics:

Twitter user Caroline Lins amazed thousands with these two photographs.

Over 3.4 lakh ‘likes’ for this aesthetic shot 

A lot of work goes into getting the perfect shot

See for yourself:

This is not the first time that an attempt has been made to bridge the gap between Instagram and reality. In 2015, Thai photographer Chompoo Baritone posted a series of pictures on Facebook that reveal the manipulated reality behind those envy-inducing Instagram pictures.  

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