Latest: What Does Anand Mahindra Call A Bath Tub Used By A Tiger? A “Ticuzzi”

Latest: What Does Anand Mahindra Call A Bath Tub Used By A Tiger? A “Ticuzzi”

The video showed a tiger taking a joyful plunge in a tubful of water.

New Delhi:

When Congress leader Jairam Ramesh posted a Twitter video of a tiger, ostensibly from Kodagu in Karnataka, it gave way to joy and nostalgia in industrialist Anand Mahindra who reminisced the time of his childhood spent in the beautiful southern Indian district.

The video, received by Mr Ramesh on WhatsApp, shows a fully-grown tiger discovering a water-filled tub in someone’s backyard. Over the next 1.5-odd minutes, it sniffs around the tub, walks around it looking around hesitantly, and then promptly takes a joyful dip in the water with its front paws place on the rim, ready for a quick escape.

“What an unusual occurrence,” Mr Ramesh says in his December 7 tweet.

Three days later, retweeting Mr Ramesh, the Mahindra group Chairman, found the video “magnificent”.

He recalled his childhood holidays spent mostly in his family’s Kodagu home, around six miles from Karnataka’s Nagarhole game sanctuary.


Mr Mahindra, interestingly, said he had “never” seen a tiger. In this context, though, it was unclear if he is yet to see one or was only referring to his Kodagu days. Whatever be it, this tiger’s undated appearance left him thoroughly amused.

“When a tiger uses a Jacuzzi, it becomes a ‘Ticuzzi’,” Mr Mahindra signed off.

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