Latest: Anand Mahindra’s Memes Sum Up The Pains Of Lockdown Cooking

Latest: Anand Mahindra’s Memes Sum Up The Pains Of Lockdown Cooking

A picture shared by Anand Mahindra on Twitter.

This year, a lot of people spent far more time in their kitchens than they normally would have. At the beginning of the coronavirus-induced lockdown, people found themselves with a lot of free time on their hands as offices made the move to working from home. This, combined with the fact that restaurants were shut, contributed to a rise in home cooking. In fact, “How to make paneer” became one of the most-searched queries on Google this year. 

As amateurs took to the kitchen, a number of cooking disasters cropped up too. Businessman Anand Mahindra’s hilarious memes sum up the pains of lockdown cooking while also showcasing its funny side. 

On Sunday, Mr Mahindra took to Twitter to share two funny pictures that are sure to resonate with anyone who found that working from home also entails keeping an ear out for the pressure cooker’s whistle and that attending virtual meetings while cooking food is actually quite tough. 


In fact, as the Chairman of Mahindra Group put it, these memes will “resonate with all those across the world who found that WFH also meant WFTK -working from the Kitchen.”

His tweet has collected over 3,600 ‘likes’ and a ton of amused comments.

Mr Mahindra often shares funny content with his Twitter family of 8 million. Two days ago, he had tweeted a video, writing: “No video better communicates what it felt like to get through 2020!”

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