Latest: Schoolboy’s Decade-Old Prediction About 2020 Goes Viral

Latest: Schoolboy’s Decade-Old Prediction About 2020 Goes Viral

Kevin Singh’s prediction for 2020 is being widely shared online.

Perhaps nobody could have predicted how 2020 would turn out. This extraordinary year which began with news of Prince Harry and Meghan’s split from the royal family and wildfires in Australia soon came to be defined by the coronavirus pandemic. 2020 was a year which saw many paradigm-shifting developments across the world. Now, a schoolboy’s 10 year-old prediction about 2020 is going viral on social media for how spectacularly wrong it went. 

Kevin Singh is currently going viral on Twitter, thanks to his decade-old yearbook quote predicting that everyone would live peacefully and humanity would cure every disease in 2020. 

It goes without saying that that is not the case. 


“My prediction for 2020 is that everyone will live peacefully and they will cure every disease there is,” reads the prediction by Kevin Singh, as seen in a picture of his school yearbook that is being widely shared online.

The prediction has been ‘liked’ over 70,000 times on Twitter. Many on the microblogging platform blamed Kevin for ‘jinxing’ the year with his prediction. 

Others poked fun at him by asking him to ‘predict’ stuff in their favour

Twitter users did not miss the prediction above Kevin’s, which reads, “Cowboys will win the Superbowl all 10 years.”

As the photo went viral online, it even reached Kevin Singh, who apologised for jinxing 2020

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