Latest: The Tumult Of 2020, Captured In One Viral Video

Latest: The Tumult Of 2020, Captured In One Viral Video

Cee-Roo’s Year Review has been viewed over 8.5 million times on Facebook.

The highlights of an extraordinary year have been condensed into one poignant four-minute video by Swiss music artiste Cee-Roo. “2020 Remixed! (Year Review by Cee-Roo)” takes a look at some of this year’s most important developments and is currently going viral on social media.

In this short video, Cee-Roo combines footage from all around the world to look back some of the most important events and developments in a year defined by the coronavirus pandemic. The heart-wrenching retrospective takes the viewer through the Black Lives Matter movement and the wildfires in Australia, the protests in Belarus to the UN General Assembly – all in under four minutes. The ending, however, is a message of hope and triumph. 

“We are not going to forget this year any time soon!” wrote Cee-Roo, alias Cyril Kappeli, while sharing the video on Facebook. 

The year review has been viewed over 8.5 million times on Facebook and another 1.6 million times on YouTube.

“Your work is awesome as always. It may not be our good year but still we are able to see the beauty of life specially in our darkest time,” wrote one person in the comments section.


“Amazing video as usual! It’s hard to believe all this had happened in just one year!” another said. 

This year, YouTube chose to forgo its annual Rewind video which looks back at the year’s viral moments, major trends and most popular content creators. “Since 2010, we’ve ended the year with Rewind… But 2020 has been different. And it doesn’t feel right to carry on as if it weren’t. So, we’re taking a break from Rewind this year,” the Google-owned video sharing platform said.

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