Latest: Zomato’s 2020 Meme Rewind Reveals How India Ordered This Year

Latest: Zomato’s 2020 Meme Rewind Reveals How India Ordered This Year

Zomato’s Twitter thread reveals some fun facts about India’s food ordering habits.

Zomato has shared a 2020 recap thread on Twitter, revealing how and what Indians ordered this year. The Twitter thread, which contains some fun facts about the country’s food ordering habits, also looks back at some of the biggest memes and trends of this year. From “Rasode mein kaun tha?” to the viral doge meme, all find mention in Zomato’s thread as the restaurant aggregator and food delivery platform shares some interesting insights into the country’s food preferences.

As per Zomato’s report, the most number of orders this year were placed by a certain Yash from Bengaluru. Yash ordered food a staggering 1,380 times this year – that’s almost four orders a day.

The biggest order placed on Zomato this year was worth almost Rs 2 lakh. That’s one expensive meal! On the other hand, the smallest order was for Rs 10 – and the user managed to get a discount of Rs 39 on top!

In the year defined by the coronavirus pandemic, the world saw a rise in home cooking. But that didn’t put a stop to Delhi’s love affair with momos. Delhi ordered more momos than Mumbai, Bengaluru and Pune put together. 

Biryani was again the most ordered dish – this year, Zomato delivered a biryani order every 22 minites. Meanwhile, Veg Biryani was ordered 1,988,094 times in 2020.

In Jalgaon, Maharashtra, a Zomato user ordered 369 pizzas. And across the country, pizza ordered rose from about 4.5 lakh in May to a whopping 17 lakh in November. 

Which dish did you order in 2020? Let us know using the comments section. 


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