Latest: Mumbai Cop Removes 6-Foot Python From Dharavi Home. Watch

Latest: Mumbai Cop Removes 6-Foot Python From Dharavi Home. Watch

Police constable Murlidhar Jadhav rescues a python in Mumbai.

A six-foot python managed to sneak into a house in Mumbai’s Dharavi area recently, creating panic. Hair-raising footage shared by Mumbai Police shows a constable working to remove the snake from where it had coiled itself around wooden beams on the ceiling. 

In the footage, police constable Murlidhar Jadhav can be seen capturing the Indian rock python with his bare hands. 

According to Mumbai Police, the huge python managed to sneak inside a Dharavi home and caused a flurry among its residents and neighbours, who contacted the police department for help. Police Constable Murlidhar Jadhav then reached the spot to rescue the snake – and earned praise for leading the rescue operation despite having a fractured leg.


“A fractured leg didn’t stop PC Murlidhar Jadhav from performing his duty, who rescued the python & released it in its natural habitat with help from the Forest Dept.,” Mumbai Police wrote while sharing footage of the rescue operation on Twitter:

The footage has been watched over 10,000 times on the microblogging platform, where many thanked the cop for capturing the python safely.

Mr Jadhav’s efforts to rescue the snake were also applauded by the Home Minister of Maharashtra, Anil Deshmukh. “The bravery and courage shown by him to handle the situation are exemplary,” he wrote while sharing the video on Twitter.

The snake was released back into its natural habitat.

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