Latest: Skier Gets Chased Down Mountain By A Bear As People Watch In Horror

Latest: Skier Gets Chased Down Mountain By A Bear As People Watch In Horror

A bear was seen chasing a skier down a slope in a popular mountain resort of Romania. Scary footage that has gone viral on social media shows a tourist skiing for his life, with the bear hot on his heels. The incident took place this Saturday in a resort in Predeal – the highest town of Romania – reports Daily Mail

Videos of the pursuit were shared on social media and show the lone skier making his way down a slope with the brown bear following, even as horrified onlookers watched from the chairlift above.

“Faster, faster! Go, the bear is chasing you! Faster! God forbid, don’t look back!” people were heard shouting in warning, according to the Romania Insider.

The footage has been viewed tens of thousands of times across social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit and YouTube.

“This is nightmare fuel,” wrote one Twitter user.


“Well, this is pretty terrifying! Thank goodness the skier never lost his balance!” another remarked. 

Luckily, the skier managed to escape the brown bear without any injuries by displaying admirable presence of mind. Ion Zaharia, a spokesperson of the County Gendarmerie Inspectorate, told Digi24 that at one point, the skier threw his bag down to distract the animal and managed to get away.

Police confirmed that three calls reporting the bear had been made that day. Cops went to the scene in an all-terrain vehicle and the bear, possibly scared by noise, took refuge in the forest. 

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