Latest: Wishes, Images, Wallpapers, Quotes, WhatsApp Status, SMS, Messages, Photos, Pics, And Greetings

Latest: Wishes, Images, Wallpapers, Quotes, WhatsApp Status, SMS, Messages, Photos, Pics, And Greetings

Promise Day 2021: Here are some Promise Day wishes, images and messages you can share.

Happy Promise Day 2021! The fifth day of the week leading up to Valentine’s Day is celebrated as Promise Day. It’s the day couples make honest promises to each other. Sometimes the promises are silly and funny, sometimes they are meaningful and heartfelt – but either way, this is a time for couples renew their vows of love and commitment to each other. Promise Day is celebrated annually on February 11. It falls after Teddy Day in the Valentine Week. However, Promise Day need not be just for couples. Many people use this day as an opportunity to make honest promises to other family members – they promise to look after their parents, to cherish their friends, to love their siblings.

On Promise Day 2021, here is a list of promises, messages, wishes, images and greetings you can send to your near and dear ones to remind them how much they mean to you:

I promise to hold your hand through sickness and health, through good and bad, through highs and lows. Together we’ll make it through.

I promise to love you even though you get on my nerves.

I promise with my heart and soul,
To love you when we grow old,
To hold your hand through ups and downs,
To take you around villages and towns,
To lead the way in darkness,
To love you with a pinch of madness.
Happy Promise Day.


Promise Day: Send a sweet wish to someone on February 11

I promise to like all your Instagram posts, even the bad selfies

I promise to share the load, shoulder your burdens and lift you when you fall


As we walk the tough path of life together, I promise I will pick you up every time you stumble. 

If you are far away, I will wait for you
If you are down, I will pick you up
If you are sick, I will sit by you
And if you are cold, I promise I’ll share my blanket with you.

I promise to never try to change who you are, I will love you just the way you are

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