Latest: Indians Are Not The Only Champions Of Jugaad. Proof In Anand Mahindra’s Post

Latest: Indians Are Not The Only Champions Of Jugaad. Proof In Anand Mahindra’s Post

A photo shared by Anand Mahindra on Twitter.

Anand Mahindra’s latest post proves that Indians are not the only champions of ‘jugaad’. The Hindi word, which roughly translates to a clever hack or innovative solution, has long been used to signify the Indian spirit of resourcefulness and enterprise. However, this picture of a man and his modified motorcycle proves that when it comes to jugaad, we are not the only ones acing it.

The picture was forwarded to Mr Mahindra by a friend in the US. It shows a man with a Mahindra loader hooked to his bike to create a makeshift excavator of sorts.

“Forwarded to me by a friend in the US,” wrote the Chairman of Mahindra Group while sharing the pic. “We may be in danger of losing our title of ‘Jugaad’ champions!

Mr Mahindra admitted that he needed to see the vehicle in action but that it could potentially have quite a few applications. “This gent seems to have hooked a Mahindra loader attachment to his bike! Need to see it in action, but it could actually turn out to have applications out here…” he added.

The picture has racked up more than a thousands ‘likes’ within minutes of being posted. In the comments section, many tried to guess what the modified vehicle could be used for.


“Maybe he uses it just to clear the maple leaves in his yard (I can see a few in the loader… so saying),” wrote one Twitter user.

“I am not sure about the power needed to make it to action, i.e. can that small bike provide that or not, But don’t worry sir we are the champions on jugaad,” another wrote.

Anand Mahindra is a self-confessed fan of all things innovative. A few days ago, he had shared another post which showed that jugaad is not a purely Indian trait.

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