Latest: A Million Views For This Man’s Swing Stunt. Harsh Goenka Shares Video

Latest: A Million Views For This Man’s Swing Stunt. Harsh Goenka Shares Video

Screengrab from a video shared on Twitter by Harsh Goenka.

A video of a man’s stunning performance on a swing resurfaced on Twitter recently, leaves people awestruck. In the clip, the old man can be seen enjoying the ride as a kid observes him. Moments later, he performs a somersault and lands on his feet flawlessly and walks away. Businessman Harsh Goenka found this amusing video from 2018 and reshared it on Twitter with the caption “Swag.” In no time, the clip successfully garnered more than a million views and got love from all corners of the micro-blogging platform, where people are raving about the old man’s fitness and finesse.

Shot at a park, the video has provided netizens with some new fodder to fawn on. A social media user wrote, “I would see it other way… Every old person is a child in a way…” Another one said, “Surely he should have been a trapeze gymnast.”

One of the Twitter users said, “Swag doesn’t stop as you age right?! I have seen the oldies here Ice skating and riding scooties. Young at heart indeed!”

While some were awestruck by his capabilities, others claimed that the video seems edited. A user reasoned, “I think it is edited. After doing the somersault, he should end up behind his seat. Thus blocking the swing.”

The Internet is unable to differentiate between what’s fake and what’s real but when it comes to this video, its uniqueness has captured the attention of netizens. For those who believe in the stunt performed here, the old man definitely serves as a fitness guru.

What do you think about this interesting video? Do let us know.

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