Latest: Delhi Police Urges People To Wear Masks With ROFL ‘Pawri’ Meme

Latest: Delhi Police Urges People To Wear Masks With ROFL ‘Pawri’ Meme

Delhi Police took a creative approach while urging people to mask up.

The vaccines for COVID-19 have arrived and many have even received the first shot, but it does not mean that the pandemic is over. On the contrary, Maharashtra reported 5,124 new cases of coronavirus on Monday while Delhi reported over 300 cases of COVID-19.

To urge citizens of the national capital to stay at home and take precautions, the Delhi Police decided to take a creative approach, one that youngsters could relate to. The office of the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) of Central Delhi shared a sketch on its Twitter handle on Friday. The format of the sketch was inspired by Pakistan’s Dananeer Mobeen, who went viral with her ‘pawri ho rahi hai’ video.

The sketch starts with the cartoon version of the coronavirus introducing itself and saying, “Yeh hum hain (this is us)”. Moving on, we see three types of coronavirus with the dialogue, “Yeh hamare mutations hain (these are our mutations)”. And at last, there are people drawn with the caption, “Aur yeh hamari pawri ho rahi hai”.

The tweet has been liked by over 2k users. Netizens are commending the creativity of the police for the engaging post. One of the users commented on how it was a creative and interesting way of driving home a point.

One of the comments was from Rajiv Banerjee, the man behind the sketch. Mr Banerjee said he was glad that his sketch resonated with people.

Now, one can only hope that people choose their ‘pawrties’ wisely and do not become host to the ‘coronavirus pawry’.

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