Latest: Harsh Goenka Slammed For Sharing Pic Of Mother Working With Baby

Latest: Harsh Goenka Slammed For Sharing Pic Of Mother Working With Baby

A picture shared by Harsh Goenka on Twitter.

Businessman Harsh Goenka is facing backlash on Twitter for sharing a picture that many deemed offensive for glorifying poverty. The picture shows a woman carrying lights in a wedding procession, with her baby in a sling tied to her shoulders. “I feel like I put in too much effort sometimes. And then I saw this photo! My salute!” wrote the Chairman of RPG Group. 

The picture, shared on Sunday, has racked up nearly 20,000 ‘likes’ and several reactions on the microblogging platform. Although reactions to the photograph were largely negative, some Twitter users also praised the pic. 

On the other hand, several Twitter users felt the picture was distasteful, especially when coming from a billionaire who has, in the past, faced similar criticism about romanticising poverty. 

“Instead of saluting her courage we should feel shame that she has to go through these hardships,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Stop glorifying poverty!” another said.

Mr Goenka, however, has defended his stance as he responded to some of the critical tweets coming his way. He wrote that he only sought to glorify the “love and courage of a mother”

In September last year, Mr Goenka had shared a photograph of a woman construction worker balancing bricks on her head and a baby on her back. That post, too, was met with a largely negative reaction on Twitter. 

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