Latest: Washing Machine Explodes Mid-Cycle, Leaves Owner Horrified

Latest: Washing Machine Explodes Mid-Cycle, Leaves Owner Horrified

A woman from Scotland says her washing machine exploded while in use.

A Scottish woman was shocked when her washing machine exploded mid-cycle, damaging her kitchen. Laura Birrell shared images of her destroyed kitchen on Facebook to serve as warning to others. The businesswoman from Glasgow said her washing machine “literally exploded” mid-cycle, filling her kitchen with smoke. 

Photos shared on Facebook by Ms Birrell show that the kitchen top above the machine was apparently blown apart by the force of the explosion. The machine’s top part suffered damage, leaving chunks of plastic and metal strewn across the floor. 

Ms Birrell said that the machine drum exploded through the worktop and drainer in her kitchen. 

“I have often heard don’t leave your washing machine on when you leave the house,” she wrote. “Well today I am glad that I did not go out anywhere as my machine literally exploded.”

“With a glass sink drainer unit I thought I bomb had gone off, glass everywhere,” she added.

Luckily, Ms Birrell was inside the house when the washing machine malfunctioned and smoke started filling her kitchen. She was able to switch it off quickly to prevent further damage.

“But I will never leave a washing in again when I am out. I can’t even imagine what the outcome would be if myself, Warren or Mark were in the kitchen at the time,” she wrote.

Her post has gone viral with nearly 500 ‘shares’ and dozens of comments.

“OMG that’s really scary. Glad you’re all okay,” wrote one person in the comments section.

“Oh wow… didn’t think a washing machine would do that scary stuff,” another remarked. 

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