Latest: He Is 101, She Is 90. Married for 72 Years, They Share Secret

Latest: He Is 101, She Is 90. Married for 72 Years, They Share Secret

A couple, married for 72 years, shares the secrets to a happy marriage.

Sometimes all the motivation needed in life is right before the eyes. When it comes to a successful relationship or marriage, there’s no magic pill or a secret formula to make it work. All that is needed is a lot of hard work.

A couple, married for 72 years, has shared their story of commitment and love in a small clip shared on photo-sharing app Instagram by Humans Of Bombay, , which “catalogs the beat of humanity, one story at a time”.

The 90-year-old woman and her husband, 101, have shared their tips for “couples in love”.

Some of the tips include: “Have at least one meal of the day together”, “sometimes you’ll have to pretend to be a little deaf and a little dumb”, “no matter what, always hold on to each other’s hands” and “be the first one to say sorry”.

The video has been shared with the description: “What makes it work? -72 years and counting, this couple spills their secrets!”

The Hindi song – ‘Itni si hasi, itni si khushi’ – from the Bollywood movie Barfi playing in the backdrop just sets the mood right as the video captures glimpses of their daily life and they’re seen spending time together, happily.

The video shared on Monday, has already garnered over 3.87 lakh ‘likes’.

It has also received tons of comments from people. While there were the usual comments such as “they are so adorable” and “they are the cutest”, one of the funny comments read: “This guy can’t play with legos anymore because on the box it says 4-99 years.”

There were similar reactions from many others. While one user wrote: “The way dadii helped dadu raise his hand! Yaar end of the day we all need someone like this! All good wishes to them!!!”, another posted: “This melted my heart, hope to love someone this much someday and back!”

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