Latest: Man Gets Smacked In The Face By Wood Plank In DIY Gone Wrong. Video Is Viral

Latest: Man Gets Smacked In The Face By Wood Plank In DIY Gone Wrong. Video Is Viral

A viral video has captured a DIY mission gone wrong in a hilarious manner.

We all have our clumsy moments. But imagine having one such moment getting captured for the world to see. That is just what happened to a well-intentioned man who was working on fixing a plank in his house. The man, who was trying his hand on fixing the wooden decking, ended up hurting himself in a rather comical fashion. The ordeal was recorded on the home security system. That’s not all. His wife shared the video with the world and wrote, “When your husband tries to fix things he shouldn’t”, followed by the hashtag “keep your day job”.

The footage, which was originally posted on TikTok by @Abbyalexan, shows the man climbing a flight of stairs to the decking and placing a new plank in the gap. Satisfied with the work, he then decides to test it by stepping on it. With no nails to hold it in place, one end of the plank flips in the air as soon as he steps on it, and smacks him in the face. The man lands on his back, with one leg in the hole. Clearly shaken by the turn of events, he continues to sit on the deck, rubbing his head. Thankfully, he was mostly unharmed.

The video was then shared on Twitter by former American basketball player Rex Chapman. He wrote, “Like a cartoon…”, given the cartoon-like sequence of events.

Twitter had a fun time watching and commenting on the entire episode. One user wrote, “The only thing missing is little tweeting birds circling his head.”

Replying to the post, American comedian Dante wrote, “You are so right. Has he not ever seen one cartoon? What did he do next? Step on a rake? And, then walk backwards and grab a rope but unfortunately, it was connected to an anvil?”

A bunch of users also shared GIFs from the cartoon Tom and Jerry, where Tom is running headfirst into a plank.

Mr Chapman’s post has over 2 million views and 44.6k likes, so far.

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