Latest: Man Finds A Way To Bypass Social Distancing Rules. See Anand Mahindra’s Post

Latest: Man Finds A Way To Bypass Social Distancing Rules. See Anand Mahindra’s Post

A picture shared by Anand Mahindra on Twitter.

While Anand Mahindra is usually a fan of jugaad, he did not find much to praise in this picture of a man who went the extra mile to have a conversation with a friend sitting behind a glass wall. The industrialist took to Twitter this afternoon to share a picture that was taken at what looks like an office. The photo is currently going viral on social media and has been shared by others as well. It shows two people separated by a transparent partition wall with a small cut-out in it, the kind that is usually seen in cashier windows and toll booths. 

However, instead of standing at some distance from the wall, one man was photographed with his head inside the cut-out to have a conversation with the person sitting inside the cabin – negating the whole purpose of social distancing. Neither of them wore a face mask. 

No-contact, facial coverings and social distancing have emerged as important steps to prevent the spread of the highly infectious coronavirus since the pandemic hit in March last year. 

“Clearly, we’re not accustomed to social distancing. But it’s time to do our bit: pull our heads back and mask up!” wrote Anand Mahindra.

Since being posted on Twitter, the picture has racked up over 7,000 ‘likes’ and a ton of reactions.

It was also shared on the microblogging platform by Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Executive Chairperson of Biocon Limited.

“And people wonder why social distancing doesn’t work in India!” she wrote.

However, the two men in the picture may be forgiven for not following Covid norms. A reverse image search reveals that the picture was actually taken in 2019 – shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic changed life as we knew it. 

Mr Mahindra is an active Twitter user who regularly shares interesting and engaging posts with his 8 million followers. In February, he had also shared a picture of a man’s mask jugaad that, according to him, did not “deserve any applause.”

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