Latest: Pet Cat Goes Missing, Later Found Inside Belly Of Huge Snake

Latest: Pet Cat Goes Missing, Later Found Inside Belly Of Huge Snake

A snake in Thailand swallowed a family’s cat in a heartbreaking incident.

A girl in Thailand was heartbroken to discover that her pet cat had been swallowed up by a huge snake. Kanchi Nard wrote on Facebook her 11-year-old daughter Gracia was confronted with the horrifying sight of a snake with a swollen belly when she went outside their home to look for her pet cat, named Ho Jun.

In the Facebook post shared on Saturday, Ms Nard also shared disturbing visuals of the snake with its bulging belly and a photo of her daughter crying at the loss of her beloved pet.

She said that her daughter had stepped out at around 3 pm on Saturday to look for Ho Jun. Unable to find the cat behind the house, she looked around some more and saw a huge snake in the backyard. Her cries of alarm brought her mother running outside too. 

Ms Nard said she realised that their pet cat had been swallowed up by the huge python, and that it was too late to save her. “Mother’s heart is about to break. She is shocked. She feels pity for the child. She is very sad,” she wrote, according to Facebook’s translation feature.

The post has gone viral with a whopping 55,000 ‘shares’ and thousands of comments from people condoling the loss of the pet. One person even offered the family a cat they could adopt free of charge. 

According to Ms Nard, the snake was later removed from her property by a crew of emergency personnel. 

In 2018, a family in Australia had to contend with a similar loss when their pet cat was swallowed up by a python. 

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