Latest: Video Of A Boy Offering Water To Pigeon Wins Internet’s Heart

Latest: Video Of A Boy Offering Water To Pigeon Wins Internet’s Heart

A boy offers water to a pigeon in this video share by IFS Susanta Nanda.

The Internet just love videos featuring animals and children. Imagine a clip which has both. Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda recently shared an adorable clip of a child offering water to a pigeon, and it is winning hearts on Twitter. In the video, the boy is seen sitting inside a small balcony and the pigeon is on the roof located next to it. The boy is seen putting his hand through the grille and reaching out to the pigeon with a water-filled ladle. The bird, initially cautious, begins to flutter its wings. But in a few moments, it sips water from the ladle.

Mr Nanda captioned the video, “Kindness and trust are co brothers…God bless the child.” The video was originally shared by Twitter user@Priyamvada22S.

If you are going “aww” looking at the footage, then you are not alone. The child’s thoughtfulness in helping the bird was praised by many. One user wrote, “Kids – more humane than present-day adults. Hope they do not change their heart, later on also.”

Seconding the emotion, another user wrote, “Helping a human or an animal is the greatest gesture of a human being. Stay blessed, little hero.”

“His parents have raised him well! Kindness is such an important trait! This fills my heart!!” one of the comments read.

The video has clocked nearly 37,000 views on the microblogging platform. 

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