Latest: Loco Pilots Halt Train To Allow Wild Elephants To Pass

Latest: Loco Pilots Halt Train To Allow Wild Elephants To Pass

Loco pilots halted a train to allow elephants to pass (Representative Image)

A video of loco pilots halting a train unexpectedly, midway has won people over. Why, you ask? Because the train was stopped to allow a wild elephant and her calf cross the tracks. The incident, which took place in North Bengal, was captured on camera. The video was uploaded on the official Twitter handle of the Alipurduar Division of Northeast Frontier Railway. The clip shows the loco pilot SC Sarkar and the assistant loco pilot T Kumar spotting the elephants from a distance. They immediately slow the train and eventually halt it, allowing the elephants to make safe passage.

Several people who saw the video were quick to applaud the loco pilots for their presence of mind and timely response to the situation.

The video was retweeted by Wildlife Trust India. Along with the clip, they wrote, “Wonderful to see what alert and sensitized loco pilots can do to #saveelephants. #RightOfPassage in North Bengal.”

One user commented, “Glad to see someone following wildlife rules while going through a forest area.”

Another wrote, “Kudos to both loco pilots”

Take a look at some of the other reactions.

Alipurduar, an elephant corridor, has witnessed several deaths of elephants in the past due to human negligence. There have been reports of elephants being hit by trains or being caught in electric fences.

Last year, the Bengal government had launched a campaign to prevent such deaths in the northern part of the state. The campaign, aimed at sensitizing people on the need to protect elephants, was launched in Alipurduar, Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling districts.

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