Latest: Andhra Pradesh Man Telling His Father About Punjabi Girlfriend Has Twitter Hooked, Calls It Script For 2 States

Latest: Andhra Pradesh Man Telling His Father About Punjabi Girlfriend Has Twitter Hooked, Calls It Script For 2 States

Twitter compared the situation to the Bollywood movie “2 States” (File)

New Delhi:

Modern relationships and Indian parents have been fodder for several jokes. But throw social media in the mix and you get a lethal combination. This is just what one Twitter user, Vivek Raju, did recently. In a series of tweets, the man shared how he broke the news about his Punjabi girlfriend to his parents.

Vivek and his family belong to Andhra Pradesh. What followed next could very well be the plot of a Bollywood film. At least, that’s what Twitter users thought as they found themselves extremely invested in the happenings of the Raju household.

It all began with a tweet. Vivek wrote, “Broke the news about my girlfriend to my parents last night. We are from Andhra. My girlfriend is Punjabi. Fun times in the house. Mom is okay. Dad has gone completely silent. Having fun observing this once in a lifetime reaction from parents (unless my brother drops a bomb too)”.

That cue was enough for Twitter to join the fun.

He explained in later tweets that the girlfriend’s family was “absolutely fine” with the relationship. “No drama. I doubt they are from India,” Vivek added cheekily.

But those on social media were more invested in what Vivek’s father had to say about the situation.

Sharing regular updates, Vivek explained that his dad had begun to avoid him upon hearing the news. The father later insisted on having the girlfriend fly down to meet the family.

The plan, however, was abandoned due to the pandemic. “Ok. Sense has prevailed. Told my mom before leaving for office that she doesn’t need to fly down. And also, it seems dad unwillingly muttered “his choice” before leaving,” Vivek wrote.

Vivek also added that being teetotallers, his dad and he could not even wrap up the issue over a glass of alcohol.

Vivek’s dad leaving for work did not put a damper on the episode as his mother decided to share the girlfriend’s photo in the family group. What followed was silence, Vivek said.

Vivek’s mother was excited by the news. He shared, “Mum’s being a total cutie on the side. Already dreaming about the daughter-in-law and all and how they’ll hang together…Indian moms and melodrama I tell you.”

Upon returning home, Vivek even tried to bait his father with a discussion on the Indian Premier League (IPL). That didn’t work.

Vivek’s real-time commentary had users hooked, with several people suggesting ways to get the parents on board with the relationship.

Sharing his own experience, a user wrote, ” I can totally relate to this… My wife is from Andhra and we are from Madhya Pradesh… Definitely once in a lifetime moment to convince both the families… Both of us were on the edge till we got married. In the end, Love triumphs all! “

While some users went down harshly on Indian parents and their take on love marriages,

Vivek was quick to defend his father.

Many compared the situation to the Bollywood movie “2 States” which was about a Punjabi-Tamil Nadu wedding.

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