Latest: Humpback Whale Almost Lands On Couple Swimming To Boat

Latest: Humpback Whale Almost Lands On Couple Swimming To Boat

A whale almost lands on snorkelers in this hair-raising video.

Did you ever have a scary experience while tying out water sports? This viral video of a whale and snorkelers will make you think twice before diving into the sea. The clip shows a humpback whale almost landing on people who were snorkelling in the same waters. The incident happened near Okinawa island, Japan. The spine-chilling footage was captured underwater by a photographer named Patrick Davis, who was snorkeling with his fiancee. The couple was swimming back to their boat when the whale surfaced just a few feet away from them. 

In the 40-second clip, the whale can be spotted surfacing just a few feet away from the snorkelers and almost landing on them.

Another such whale video did the rounds on social media platforms recently. A drone footage showed an Eden’s whale’s unique feeding strategy. Internet users got to learn how these whales keep their mouth open to trap fishes. This clip from the BBC documentaryA Perfect Planet garnered over 8 lakh views.

In another viral video, a humpback whale twirled. A father-daughter duo shot this moment while cod fishing at Conception Bay in Newfoundland. The clip was also shared by former American basketball player Rex Chapman, who wrote, “Most majestic video ever?”

The ocean diaries never fail to mesmerize people. A month ago, a fisherman took a video of a great white shark devouring the carcass of a whale. He waited for several days to see this sight near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Such visuals only make the divers and swimmers hope to witness a miracle during their outing as well.

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